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Independence Advocates of Maine, Inc. enriches the lives of people with disabilities by promoting independence, health, community, employment and natural relationships.

What a great brother. We can't wait to check these apps. out. ...

He's only 17, but he's created dozens of apps to help make life easier for people living with disabilities. (via Humankind)

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This is a game changer for the littles of the world (and the bigs that are watching with their littles). ...

Julia, a Muppet with autism, makes her debut appearance on Sesame Street. "She does things just a little differently, in a...Julia sort of way." abcn.ws/2ok0ft6

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Want to do something easy this morning to show your support for fair wages for DSP'S in Maine? It's simple, hit this link and sign-on to the attached letter. Be a supporter.


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Everyone has the ability to dream, thrive and be independent.

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