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Independence Advocates of Maine, Inc. enriches the lives of people with disabilities by promoting independence, health, community, employment and natural relationships.

Here’s What’s Happening at IAM!

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And, one. year later (to the day), we moved into phase #1. I definitely shed more than one tear on Friday. Here's to a speedy and calm phase #2. Thanks to all- Catherine

ps: new picture will be up soon. We were too busy moving to get some good ones last week.

One year ago my post went like this: After years of dealing with leaky roofs, no room for anything, a "hot as heck" nurses stations, dated decor, uneven courtyards, lack of workspace, storage space, and just plain space, funky gates, a tired kitchen coupled with years of disappointment, triumph, planning, cajoling, maneuvering red tape, more planning and figuring what will work best, gives and takes, testing, more planning----today work started on Treats Falls House. Soon we will have a beautiful, brand new building and outdoor space. I owe much thanks to so many people- too many to name that made this dream of mine come true. I might of even shed a tear or two today. ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ

An amazing day at Treats Falls House! Our long awaited, painstakingly planned out renovations begin!!!!

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UPDATE: Power, phones, and internet are back on at all our locations! Thanks for all who rode things out over the past couple of days!

Power is on at Treats Falls House, thanks to our new best friend- Mr. Generator. Internet and phones are not working though! You can reach us in an emergency at 207-217-7178.

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Everyone has the ability to dream, thrive and be independent.

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