Who We Are

Independence Advocates of Maine (IAM) started in 1977 with a big dream: to help people with disabilities live their best, most independent lives. IAM began as a single program, Treats Falls House, an ICF/IID supporting people with exceptional medical needs.  Over time, our programs expanded to include residential support (group homes, independent living, shared living), community support, employment support, and enabling technology.

Today, IAM is still dedicated to our mission. Everyone deserves the ability to lead the life they want. We are here to ensure that people with disabilities in Maine have the tools and support they need to thrive.


Catherine Thibedeau, Executive Director

Catherine started working at IAM in 1997 and began her role as the Executive Director on January 1st, 2000. From 2000-2022, she also served as the Administrator of Treats Falls House, an ICF/IID under IAM. As the Executive Director, Catherine leads IAM in delivering services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through ICF/IID and HCBS Waiver programs. 

Catherine is active on the state and federal levels. As a national expert on the ICF/IID program, she is a consultant to ANCOR for the sector. She is also involved with Maine’s State Association, MACSP, having served on the Board of Directors for 6 years, and currently serves as the Chair of the Professional Development Committee for MACSP. In addition, Catherine serves on the steering committee for Community Connect Maine, a grassroots stakeholder advocacy group.   

Catherine’s work is driven by a core commitment to making Maine a better place for people with disabilities. She believes this is best accomplished when individuals have numerous and varying options and choices. In addition, Catherine sees change and growth as best achieved through people coming together to talk with, learn from, negotiate through, and support one another- regardless of how hard that may be.  

Mark Moir, Community Programs Director

Crystal Stoddard, Financial Director

Trudy Trask, Administrator/ICF-IID

Board of Directors

Brandie IAM Board Member

Brandie DeWitt, President

Kate Walters, Vice President

Philip Barb, Secretary

Conrad Dhing, Treasurer

Sarah Stewart, Board Member