Welcome to IAM: Empowering Abilities, Enabling Independence through Technology

Our Commitment

At IAM, we are not just a service provider but leaders in integrating technology to empower individuals with disabilities. Our commitment to a Technology-First approach sets us apart; whether high-tech or low-tech options, we harness the power of technology to enhance independence and quality of life. Enabling Technology solutions provides cost-efficient and innovative ways to improve client outcomes while reducing dependency on hands-on caregivers.

Our Approach

Through person-centered planning, we work with clients to determine the best technology solutions that align with their needs and preferences, including remote caregiving support for MaineCare Members statewide. Areas of Support with Technology include:

  • Health Monitoring and Safety
  • Environmental Controls and Security
  • Remote Support Caregiving
  • Employment Skills Support
  • Cooking and Household Chores
  • Medication Management
  • Sensory and Motor Needs
  • Community and Transportation Access

Our Services

Understanding that everyone has unique needs and preferences, we offer flexibility in our services, always meeting people where they are and honoring their choices.

  • Assistive Technology Assessment
  • Assistive Technology Device and Transmission Procurement
  • Remote Supports as a Stand-alone service
  • Combined Remote and In-Person Supports
  • Demonstration Center and Technical Assistance

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“Technology is a truly natural support- to help people with their day-to-day living activities. The move from “just in case” support to “just in time” support will be life-changing for people with disabilities here in Maine- providing them with new ways to live independently and safely within their homes and communities,” says Catherine Thibedeau, Executive Director

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