Group Home Living and In-Home Supports

Group Home Living is offered to clients who desire and need a model of support that provides constant daily support in the areas of personal development/well-beingprotective oversight, and supervision based on the client’s needs.  IAM has homes located in Island Falls and Patten.   

In-Home Supports are offered to clients who live in their own home or with family.  The focus of this service is to help clients live independently and maximize their potential.  In-Home Supports are provided in both our Northern and Central Divisions. 

Direct supports for these services include skill building in the areas of a range of activities enhancing one’s ability to live and/or foster skills in the community including the following: 

  • self-help  and personal hygiene 
  • household chores and responsibilities 
  • Nutrition, meal preparation and grocery shopping 
  • transportation
  • personal choices and self-advocacy 
  • personal funds management
  • emotional and physical well-being  

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