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Independence Advocates of Maine - Leisure Connections

CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS   Bringing out your Creative side

Creative Expressions  is an innovative program for individuals interested in expressing themselves through the arts.   The way this program is designed allows it to easily be added in addition to any other day program one might attend.

Participants meet two afternoons a week and one Saturday each month exploring the arts and creating individual and collaborative art projects specially designed around their interests and skills. Our team will work closely with each individual to design projects around their interests.

Participants will have the opportunity for community exploration and inclusion and to develop friendships, gain confidence and increase communication and self-advocacy skills.

VISIONS    Let’s explore

This community based program focuses on social inclusion and life enrichment to include volunteer work, independent living skills training, developing leadership and self-advocacy skills, meaningful community experiences and a variety of recreation and leisure activities.

The program is participant driven and participants are encouraged to make choices based on their abilities and interests.   Individualized supports can include a combination of any or all the above-mentioned activities.  Within the week one can participate in volunteer work one day, learn how to access public transportation the next and be involved with a local bowling league on another.

LEISURE CONNECTIONS    Let’s have some fun

The only program of its kind in the area providing leisure/recreational opportunities regardless of needs and ability

  • A wide variety of activities that meet the needs and interests on an individual basis and provide an opportunity to share with peers with similar interests.
  • Activities are offered to teach and promote health, wellness, good communication skills, safety and transportation.
  • Transportation is provided to events and activities from our easily accessible Orono location.
  • Most activities expenses are covered to ensure equal opportunity for participants.
  • Monthly activity calendars are provided.
  • We offer late afternoon, evening and Saturday activities based on individual interests.
  • Our supports can be blended with your present adult day services, job or work support services.
  • Emphasis is place on small-group community integrated activities.
  • Focus is on individual choice making decisions and ownership of programs that are designed based on feedback from participants.
  • We encourage the development of socialization and mutual friendship and support not only within our leisure programs but also with members of their community.

Acceptance into our programs is contingent upon MaineCare Section 50, 21 or 29 waiver funding or self-pay at this time.  Community Ties now has two locations:  Our Orono location is conveniently located at 234 Main Street, off Kelley Road exit just minutes from Bangor.  Our newest location is at 1510 State Street in Veazie and provides a variety of active community experiences including volunteering and recreation.  Our Community Support Programs promote social responsibility and community inclusion as well as social skills development, cooking, art, reading and meaningful connections with others.


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