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IAM-SHARED LIVING  Specializing in supporting families

IAM offers Shared Living, a model of support in which an individual, a couple or a family in the community and a person with an intellectual disability or autism choose to live together and share life’s experiences.   The approach is based on a mutual relationship where both parties agree to share their lives and home. The approach is designed to enable people with support needs to experience a real community life, one that is less controlled by the formal service delivery system.

IAM acts as the administrative oversight agency providing essential consultative services to the shared living home provider and supportive services to the individual served.  IAM works closely with the individual and their team to ensure the individual is provided with a safe and nurturing home environment where their needs can be met.

Successful Shared Living has many components:                                                                                 

A Good Match with a Qualified Provider:     

  • A Careful process of introducing people to each other and assuring the relationships work is key to a successful match.
  • The individual being supported is not just moving into a room in someone else’s house but agreeing to enter into a personal relationship that can be expected to endure over time.
  • Providers assist the individual to integrate into the home and must change to adjust to the needs of the person being supported.  They also assure that the person receives adequate health and medical care, is safe and free from harm and has the support that he or she needs to take risks, and to work and participate in community activities.

Robust Person-Centered Planning and Engaged Case Management:

  • Person-centered planning includes empowering and providing people with the skill to speak for themselves.  Making sure the voice of the individual is being heard clearly and acted upon  is critical to the success of the shared living match.
  • The case manager is important to assuring quality services and outcomes while minimizing risk.  Frequent and casual communication with the consumer as well as the shared living provider increase trust and openness.

Efficient, Interactive Oversight Services: The oversight agency, IAM, provides a critical service to include:

  • Recruiting, screening, and matching providers
  • Offering information and training resources
  • Providing support and oversight to monitor the providers’ performance and the individual’s well-being.
  • Processing MaineCare billing and disburse of MaineCare dollars for services provided.


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